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Suggestion box Do you want to know something about security? How to use a special class or method? Need a snipet code using JWSCL? Just type here your question. However, we do not create whole applications. That’s your business.

Create Process in another session.

Did you ever wonder how to create a process in another session. Remko shows us on his page how to accomplish this task. Go and learn it from here.

Launch a process in another Session.

Remko created an application that can launch a process within another session. See and try it out here.

Remko creates this fabolous application to see all the Terminal Server things we usually miss. This program does use the JWAPI and JWSCL. Find out more here.

How to setup JWSCL?

The JWSCL does only need a minor setup. You need to create a binary unit file (DCU-file) for the JEDI API Headers as described here. You must setup JEDI API first before you can start with JWSCL! Otherwise if you set Delphi source path to include JwaWindows.pas you’ll get an error like: Incompatible types: JwaWindows.XXX [...]

Online documentation

The documentation of JWSCL is available online. JWSCL Online documentation We will update it from time to time. This may lead to different features between the release packages and the Subversion repository.

Why does Large/Normal view not work?

Did you see the options at the top of the blog? You can change the width of the blog from normal to large, so you can also read source code that is much larger than the blog width. To enable this feature you have to allow Javascript to work.

In his blog, Remko Weijnen shows us how to use the really powerful Tearminal Server Unit (JwsclTerminalServer) provided with JWSCL. Especially he uses the new feature of for … in to enumerate Sessions. Go and learn more about it here.

JWSCL Release Revision 316

The JEDI Windows Security Code Library Release of Revision 316 is now available to download on Sourceforge. Direct link ~8.5 MiB Also read this and find out how to setup the library! The JWSCL Download also contains the JWAPI Revision 315. Changes: many bugfixes added AuthZ API added Terminal Service API added more examples added extended [...]

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