Rudy Velthuis released a new version of his Windows header files converted from C to Delphi.

The converted header files contain:

  • Shell API
    shellapi.h, ulrmon.h, urlhist.h, shlwapi.h, shappmgr.h, shfolders.h and the shlobj range (i.e. shlobj.h, shlguid.h, shobjidl.h, isguid.h, exdisp.h and shtypes.h)
  • WinCrypt
    ncrypt.h, bcrypt.h, ntstatus.h and wincrypt.h.

We will integrate his excellent work into the JEDI API LIB. However this task will need some time. So if you need the new functions you should have a look at Rudy’s download site or help us to accomplish this task (send mail).