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This page is all about the Joint Endavour of Delphi Innovators – JEDI. So what we are talking about is all about Delphi and the Windows API. There are plenty articles about C, C++, C# and Visual Basic which describes WinAPI problems everywhere over the Internet.

The JEDI API Library (JWA) contains many Windows C functions, interfaces and identifiers that are converted from the C headers. The main advantage of this library is that the programmer does not have to worry about declaring them correctly. Furthermore the library may be compiled with ansi- or unicode strings. There are always both types of functions and types like LoadUserProfileW and LoadUserProfileA as the C programmer is used to. And of course there is a neutral version like LoadUserProfile which points to the ansi- or unicode version, depending on the compiler switch UNICODE. In addition the library supports dynamic and static linked function declaration. Using the dynamic way makes the application more portable to different Windows operating systems. However you should check for a “function not found” exception that is raised if a function could not be located in a DLL.

The JEDI Windows Security Code Library section talks about how to use the library and about basic principles of programming with the Windows Security API. Because Delphi does not have a component library for the security API, JWSCL takes this place unofficially. I’m showing only little real security API code because this way is very long and hard to go and also may produce lots of bugs (even I do). It needs great expertise to do the programming right. JWSCL integrates the C API into the familiar environment of Delphi – in the object oriented way. Thus it protects the user from many problems like memory managment and buggy C functions. So you – as the user and programmer – can concentrate on the real problem that you want to solve.

The next new version of JWSCL is going to implement nearly all classes as COM interfaces. Therefore it will be possible to use JWSCL in other languages, too. However this venture will take time.

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Christian Wimmer,
Author of JWSCL and
Administrator of JWA