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I hope you enjoyed the first part of the introduction to BITS. In this second part, we want to improve our job list (a little bit) and start own dowloads. The first task is, to replace the old TListbox with a TListview. I switched the ViewStyle to vsReport and added 3 columns: Name, State, GUID. [...]

Dear Visitor/Delphi programmer, As the main developer of JWSCL and the author of the most blog posts here, I will retreat from the projects for the next months. At least I will try to fix bugs, write some articles and manage the whole project as a project manager. Don’t expect much from me the next [...]

Setting file security with JWSCL

Sometimes it is necessary to change the security settings of a file or folder for getting or denying write access. With JWSCL this task is made very easy. However there are some pitfalls to avoid. The following code will also be available in the example section of the source code. The application gets a file [...]

Getting started with BITS

This article was written by Benjamin aka chaosben. He kindly agreed to publish it here. You can also publish articles here. Mail us @ mail(-at+) Getting started with BITS BITS, the Background Intelligent Transfer Service, provides an easy way to download/upload files from/to the network/internet. You may have heard of this service in the context [...]

What an effort! I’m converting source documentation.

At the moment, I’m creating the JWSCL source documentation with Doc-O-Matic. However this is a really big effort. Before we used PasDoc which uses completely different tags. This means I had to convert all tags from PasDoc to DocOMatic style (JavaDoc or XMLDoc). Converting the docs manually was no solution, so I had to write [...]

The case of the unexplained dead lock in a single thread.

While working on the logging mechanism in the RunAsSys example of the JEDI, I encountered a really strange problem on XP systems. The application worked fine on Vista system. However on Windows XP, it just stopped working with no response at all. This wasn’t the usual dead lock situation you know in multi threaded application, [...]

Windows internals – from outside

I recently found this very interesting blog about windows internals brought by the developers of Celceo (mainly Christian Carrillo) You should read the following posts because I find it nice to know: Command line gotchas in CreateProcess Process creation under Vista UAC User Level API Hooking Mistakes to Avoid

The current download version of JWSCL (rev 316) contains a memory leak in the method EnumerateSession of class TJwTerminalServer in unit JwsclTerminal. The reason is a string variable in the local thread storage (LTS) (maintained by threadvar) that is not freed automatically by Delphi. The new version uses a widestring instead of string which fixes [...]

The JEDI API Library project (JWA) has been successfully revived from a sleep status to an active project with lots of ambitions. Some recent achievements are the new include model of JWA, the release of JWSCL (the Security Library) and of course the “birth” of this blog.

Where is the RELEASE conditional?

JWSCL uses (rarely) the DEBUG compiler condition definition like in “What is the internal variable TJwSecurityID.fDbgData for?“. However there is no “RELEASE” directive. Why? The reason is simple: There is no need for. If you don’t define DEBUG, JWSCL will be compiled without any debug codes. If you need a release condition, you can simply [...]

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