This is the road map of JWA and JWSCL for the year 2008.

  • Add and test Rudy Velthuis headers for Delphi to JWA (done but needs review)
  • Implement COM interfaces and classes for JWSCL
  • Implement new Winsta (Terminal Service) declarations for JWA and JWSCL
  • Convert embedded source documentation to Doc-o-Matic (of course buy that nice software) (JWSCL)
  • Create tons of examples

Future Roadmap

  • Make JWA and JWSCL fully Delphi 5 and 6 compatible (fix problems with record alignment)
  • Implement unconverted headers (includes COM) (JWA)
  • Convert new Vista API (JWA)

Are you experienced in any of these domains? Please help us.