The JEDI API & Security Libraries are now listed in ohloh. Ohloh is a software directory that analyzes and monitors open source software development activity.

Get to the JEDI project on ohloh directly.

The following analyzed statements must be corrected:

  • Short source control history
    The JEDI API is a very old lady. However, not a long time ago it was ported from CVS to SVN without retaining the CVS history.
    The JWSCL exists since January 2007. It was released as a JEDI project in October 2007.
  • Mozilla Public License 1.0 may conflict with GPL
    I don’t really know why this happens. There is no MPL 1.0 ! JWA and JWSCL use LGPL and MPL 1.1 ! So if there is any reference to anything else, it is invalid and should be corrected. Please notify us.
  • Extremely well-commented source code
    Well, there isn’t much to be corrected. However the most comments reside in JWSCL and describe classes, methods, types and identifiers. They can be extracted and translated into html Help using PasDoc. View online help version here.

You see, we are fully Delphi/Pascal related.

We created enough code, so there is no reason to develop Win32 & Security applications without using the JEDI project.