The JEDI API Library project (JWA) has been successfully revived from a sleep status to an active project with lots of ambitions. Some recent achievements are the new include model of JWA, the release of JWSCL (the Security Library) and of course the “birth” of this blog.

We made a roadmap for JWA and JWSCL which includes “unicodifying” (Nick Hodges gave birth to a new word, meaning making the code ready for the next Delphi) and converting new Vista/Server 2008 API’s.

To help us fullfill these ambitions and continue contributing to the Delphi Community, we are looking for experienced Delphi developers to help us with the following tasks:

  • Maintaining and extending the Jedi API Library (convert new header files, fix errors in existing code).
  • Maintaining and extending the Jedi Windows Security Code Library (use and test the library, contribute new code, maintain documentation, Active Directory).
  • Create examples and write blog posts about using JWA and/or JWSCL.

See also the Roadmap for more details.

Of course you will get something back as well: the JEDI projects are very well known and respected in the Delphi Community, so active participation will earn you the respect of the community and is likely to offer additional benefits to your professional career!

Joining the projects means that you will be part of a team where the members actively support and help each other. You can learn a lot from the team’s knowledge and expertise and we look forward to learning from your knowledge.

If you think you can help us with either JWA, JWSCL or both projects please contact us: