This is the preview Version of RunAsSys for Windows XP and Vista made with the help of JWSCL.
RunAsSys runs applications as SYSTEM user in the current user’s session. If you start it without any parameters it creates a command prompt with SYSTEM privileges by default. Otherwise you can add an application with parameters to start this process as SYSTEM user. Use quotation marks if necessary for your path.
On Windows Vista and UAC it should prompt you for elevation. On XP without Admin privileges it should prompt you for Admin credentials.

Warning: On Windows XP (and older) the application shows the credential prompt dialog which allows you to run as the same user. If you just click OK button, the application will maybe response one more time but finally stop working. This is due to a bug in ShellExecuteEx with “runas” verb.


Version 1.2

This version fixes a bug that prevents the command prompt to be started sometimes. And it fixes a bug with Windows 7 where a dialog pops up with no use. (Most problems are fixed with the new JWSCL)
This version is also available as source (Subversion Link) from the preRelease of JWA 2.4a (Subversion Link) and JWSCL 0.9.4a (Subversion Link).

Download RunAsSys 1.2

Version 1.1

I publish Version 1.1 which fixes several errors and also makes it available to Windows 64bit systems.
The zip archive contains a 64bit version registry key file that is compatible with WOW64.
RunAsSys contains EurekaLog, which logs internal things. If you get an error, you can send the error report directly to us. However it is not the default behaviour. We use your error report only for improving our software. It will be used internally only and will be finally deleted. No screenshot is taken.

Download RunAsSys 1.1

Version 1.0

Additional Info:
The reg file creates a reg key that is used to enable logging and set the log output folder (default where exe resides)

Download RunAsSYS 1.0