I am proud to announce the completed conversion of the Microsoft Event Tracing API for Windows (ETW).

What is ETW anyway?

Event Tracing for Windows (ETW) provides application programmers the ability to start and stop event tracing sessions, instrument an application to provide trace events, and consume trace events. Trace events contain an event header and provider-defined data that describes the current state of an application or operation. You can use the events to debug an application and perform capacity and performance analysis.

Currently the conversions is only available through JEDI Windows API Subversion Trunk.
Converted files are :

JwaEventDefs.pas,JwaEventTracing.pas,JwaEvntCons.pas andJwaEvntProv.pas

The conversion is based on the SDK version 6.0, so Windows Vista is supported. And of course these headers are also included into JwaWindows.pas. Make sure you define the compiler directive WINVISTA in your project options if you want to use the new Vista API. At the moment this step has to be done for all JWA packages manually!

Be aware that these files are new and have to be tested thoroughly. Of course everybody is invited to do so.

Best Regards,

Christian Wimmer