JEDI API and JWSCL compile with Delphi2009 and also the examples work as far as I could test it.

I’ve created a Subversion branch for each project:

JEDI API Version 2.2 pre-release

JEDI WSCL Version 0.9.2 pre-release

Download a ZIP package with both projects from SourceForge. Always update this package with a SVN client to get best quality.

As you can see we abandoned the revision numbers and instead use simple version numbers (as people are more used to those).
These pre-releases won’t be available as packages from!

We encourage you to use, test and check the released projects!

If you find errors, have problems or questions don’t hesitate to ask them in the mailinglist, newsgroup, JEDI IssueTracker or send it to mail[at) .

Christian Wimmer