A couple of days ago I finished a first beta of my tool TSAdminEx. If you don’t know what TSAdminEx is let me briefly introduce it:

TSAdminEx is a tool that combines functionality of several existing tools: it has the power of task manager combined with the details of Process Explorer and the Terminal Server support of TSAdmin. On top of that it fully supports remote systems out of the box without installing any agents or services. It also has some unique features that neither of the mentioned tools can do!

TSAdminEx screenshot

You may wonder why I am writing about it on the Delphi Jedi blog, the answer is that TSAdminEx was written in Delphi and uses Jwa and Jwscl. As you might expect my Terminal Server unit (JwsclTerminalServer) is the engine of TSAdminEx.

If you got interested you can take a look at my personal blog.

PS: I am still looking for beta testers!