JEDI Windows API (JWAL) and JEDI Windows Security Library (JWSCL) are now available in version 2.3 and 0.9.3. They support Delphi 2010.
You can download them or use the new Subversion branches.

If you find bugs, have questions, hints or want to participate: just mail us.


Download from one of the Sourceforge mirrors at:

(The download has Subversion folders .SVN which you can use to get updates through a Subversion Client. See below.)

AND do not forget to read:

How to Setup the JEDI Windows API Library (JWA).
How to Setup the JEDI Windows Security Code Library (JWSCL).

Subversion Access

You can use a Subversion client, like TortoiseSVN, to download the sources directly.
Advantage: You can easily get updated sources.


Checkout with TortoiseSVN


Checkout with TortoiseSVN

Click on the turtle to get the source if you have installed TortoiseSVN.

Remaining Issues

22. August 2009

There is an issue left with D2010:
The interface IXMLElement is no more available in file msxml.pas (MS XML Version 1). So the file JwaUrlMon.pas has been changed to use a Pointer instead of the IXMLElement interface. Unfortunately, the new IXmlDOMElement (MS XML Version 2) is not compatible with the old interface.
If you have an idea how to fix that, please mail to us.