I have updated JWSCL Version 0.9.2a to support Windows 7. Version 0.9.3 supports Windows 7 from the beginning but since many people use 0.9.2a, I have decided to merge Windows 7 support.

You can still use 0.9.2a because bugs and problems will still be fixed (until told otherwise). However, there won’t be added any new features. To get new features you need to upgrade to a newer version.


The problem is located in class TJwWindowsVersion (unit JwsclVersion.pas) where all IsWindowsXXX routines  return false if you check for a specific Windows Version or newer (Parameter set to true) and run it on Windows 7.

How to Update

There is no separate download, but you can update your local source if you have “.svn” folders in your JWSCL folders. Just use a Subversion client like TortoiseSVN and open the Explorer’s context menu to selected “SVN Update” on the root folder of JWSCL (e.g. JWSCL\0.9.2a\).

Update <-> Upgrade

Be aware that update means that you get the latest changes for this version (e.g. 0.9.2a). So you won’t upgrade to any newer version like 0.9.3.

Update Notifications

You can subscribe to a mailinglist to get notified about changes in JWSCL and JWA. Just subscribe to jedi-apilib-wscl-svn (also use this link to subscribe). Furthermore there is an archive to see all commits of JWSCL and JWA.