If you are interested in the history of Windows, as I am, you should read the article The Secret Origin of Windows by Tandy Trower the product manager of Windows 1.0. This article gives a deep insight into the journey Tandy and his developers had to endure to bring a product on the market that should change the world (although it took a while).

Tandy also mentions the competitor Borland with its famous Turbo Pascal (that I also used) and how it got Bill Gates to tremble.

At $50 for the Borland product vs. the Microsoft $400 compiler, it was a bit like comparing a VW to a Porsche. But while Turbo Pascal was lighter weight for serious development, it was almost as quick for programming and debugging as Microsoft’s BASIC interpreters

I wonder if the comment about the speed is true?

And did you know that Microsoft had been using the language Pascal for their projects until they developed C ?

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