If you are accessing the Embarcadero Forums and such through an Offline Reader like Mozilla Thunderbird, you probably have had a connection problem for some time now. I don’t know what the reason is. However, as a solution instead, use the address forums.embarcadero.com and don’t forget to activate SSL. I couldn’t make a connection without it.


It looks to me as if only the unsecured access is not accepted. Instead only SSL is available regardless of the address (so both works).
I got some mails from people who couldn’t answer the threads I participate. So they sent me mails directly.

A shame that Kaster’s thread wasn’t replicated by e.g. Nick. His blog is far more often read by people than this Announce forum (which was afterwards effectively unavailable to me and others).
Furthermore some forums look to me a little bit more abandoned than usual. So the activity seems to be lower.