Windows 7 gave us some nice and useful little eye-catchers in the taskbar. Those are available using the Windows shell interfaces ITaskbarList3 and ITaskbarList4.
But alas, how can a Delphi developer incorporate these in his applications?

You may read on if you ever wanted to…

  1. have this cool progress bar feature in the taskbar.
  2. have an overlay icon onto your application’s icon in the taskbar.
  3. multiple tabs for each window or control of your application in the taskbar.
  4. have thumb buttons inside the preview of your form (like the Windows MediaPlayer).

You want your application to look like that?

Are you using Windows 7? What a lucky (wo)man you are.

The guys from TheUnknownOnes just released some components to use the new features introduced in Windows 7. 
Of course, these components are based on the JEDI Windows API. At the moment (until the next release of JWAPI), you’ll have to checkout the trunk of the JWAPI in order to get the code compiled.
To get these components, checkout the source out of their svn repository.

And if you want to discuss something about them in German: use this thread.

A first short demo was published here. Stay tuned for some more.