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Site Recommendation: History of Windows

If you are interested in the history of Windows, as I am, you should read the article The Secret Origin of Windows by Tandy Trower the product manager of Windows 1.0. This article gives a deep insight into the journey Tandy and his developers had to endure to bring a product on the market that [...]

Site Recommendation: Terminal Session and Desktops

Many Windows Programmers still have trouble when it comes to sessions, window stations and desktops. They frequently get mixed up and we can see a lot of question on the Internet about e.g. how to spawn processes in all logged-on user desktops (rather than sessions).  Hence, I have listed some articles that you can read [...]

Reminder to You

I had some trouble writing these lines because usually I do not want to publish criticism. But Oliver told me that it would be a good idea and I don’t want to disagree .


I had some trouble with this rather complicated COM structure called ACTRL_ACCESS. So I post a diagram to show its design. Otherwise it would be a pity to leave it on my private hard drive.

Programming Habits

I’m writing this article because I want to share programming habits with you. What habit did prove to be a good one for you? Share yours then, please.

… to be called before CoRegisterClassObject, which can be called indirectly by Application.Initialize. You can see this comment at the beginning of a newly created service application. Unfortunately, today it is only half of the truth.

Why 16bit Applications Cannot Run on Windows 64bit

Have you every wondered why 16bit applications cannot run on 64bit?

Application Singleton

There is a design pattern called Singleton that usually applies only to classes. But imho it can also be applied to applications to prevent the user from starting several instances of the application. I came along this article on DelphiAboutCom which shows how to create a single instance application. Unfortunately it doesn’t work.

Recheck your Version Checks

Windows 7 is released but its version is called 6.1 instead of 7. Well, the reason behind this is experience.

Releases for Delphi 2010

JEDI Windows API (JWAL) and JEDI Windows Security Library (JWSCL) are now available in version 2.3 and 0.9.3. They support Delphi 2010. You can download them or use the new Subversion branches.

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