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JWSCL Features Overview

I had some free time that I used to put together all the features JWSCL provides currently. There are some more features that are implemented by other tool classes or functions that I left out in favor of a good overview. A complete overview of all classes, methods and more gives you the documentation at [...]

Releases for Delphi 2010

JEDI Windows API (JWAL) and JEDI Windows Security Library (JWSCL) are now available in version 2.3 and 0.9.3. They support Delphi 2010. You can download them or use the new Subversion branches.

Recently my Windows Vista partition ran out of disk space. Well, the partition has 30GiB but that is not enough even if you choose to install 3rd party software on a separate disk. The main reason why Windows Vista needs so much space is the WinSxS folder which contains a lot of DLL files and [...]

JEDI API and JWSCL compile with Delphi2009 and also the examples work as far as I could test it.

Calculating Binary Hashes using TJwFileStreamEx Why should I use TJwFileStreamEx instead of any other common stream class from the VCL? Well this question is quite easily answered. The first thing is that TJwFileStreamEx is based on Memory Mapped Files (MMF). MMF might be the fastest way to access files on your hard disk. Another good [...]

Winlogon Notification Package

What is that? MSDN say’s: A Winlogon Notification Package is a DLL that exports functions that handle Winlogon events. For example, when a user logs onto the system, Winlogon calls each notification package’s logon event handler function to provide information about the event.

JWSCL provides access to auto pointers or objects. It means that allocated space or objects are automtically destroyed/freed as soon as the auto object runs out of scope. What is a scope? A scope exists as long as the (I say) parent object exists. Parent objects can be: The process. The auto pointer and thus [...]

RunAsSYS 1.0 preview [update#1]

This is the preview Version of RunAsSys for Windows XP and Vista made with the help of JWSCL. RunAsSys runs applications as SYSTEM user in the current user’s session. If you start it without any parameters it creates a command prompt with SYSTEM privileges by default. Otherwise you can add an application with parameters to [...]

The JEDI API Library project (JWA) has been successfully revived from a sleep status to an active project with lots of ambitions. Some recent achievements are the new include model of JWA, the release of JWSCL (the Security Library) and of course the “birth” of this blog.


If you have ever been as puzzled as I was by some of the numerical values that are supposed to be window messages, you’ll like this little tool of mine. The aptly named tool “WindowMessages” comes with source code and a Perl script to assist you in creating your own version of it by – [...]

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