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Releases for Delphi 2010

JEDI Windows API (JWAL) and JEDI Windows Security Library (JWSCL) are now available in version 2.3 and 0.9.3. They support Delphi 2010. You can download them or use the new Subversion branches.

JEDI API and JWSCL compile with Delphi2009 and also the examples work as far as I could test it.

Winlogon Notification Package

What is that? MSDN say’s: A Winlogon Notification Package is a DLL that exports functions that handle Winlogon events. For example, when a user logs onto the system, Winlogon calls each notification package’s logon event handler function to provide information about the event.

The JEDI API Library project (JWA) has been successfully revived from a sleep status to an active project with lots of ambitions. Some recent achievements are the new include model of JWA, the release of JWSCL (the Security Library) and of course the “birth” of this blog.


NTStatus converts an error number into a NTStatus error message. It is very helpful if you encounter error numbers in debugging sessions but cannot comprehend its sense. This application was written by Assarbad. Get the application written in Delphi and using non-VCL at these locations (including source):

There are many error messages in a Windows System. Actually a MSDN article describes them – or better: part of them. However they weren’t enough for me, so I decided to get all of them.

How to submit header conversions

Please read this “How to” before submitting any Header Conversions to us. Then you can submit the headers to us by mail.

JEDI Windows API Release 315

The JEDI Windows API Download Revision 315 is now available on SourceForge. Direct link (4,5mb) Changes: + Many bugfixes + additional terminal service functions (jwaWinsta.pas) + added JwaWinInet.pas

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