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If you’re missing api headers…

Recently, I found an article about some API headers of the JEDI library. The article pointed to the very old JEDI API site which contains FTP links to the Delphi API header units. However the FTP server is empty and so all the links are invalid. Luckily, you can find the most recent versions in [...]

/EDIT: I forgot to mention that he headers are included in the Jedi Apilib as JwaWdm.pas. I’m working on a new build of TSAdminEx for which I need to query the total amount of physical memory. Locally we can use the GlobalMemoryStatusEx API but there’s no API to do this remotely. It would be possible [...]

Recently, I’ve found a bug in JWSCL. It happened that the function GetInheritanceSourceW didn’t work for me anymore. A long time ago I used this function for the last time and now again. However the strange thing was that the function returned no error but it didn’t fill a result array with expected inheritance data. [...]

A couple of days ago I finished a first beta of my tool TSAdminEx. If you don’t know what TSAdminEx is let me briefly introduce it: TSAdminEx is a tool that combines functionality of several existing tools: it has the power of task manager combined with the details of Process Explorer and the Terminal Server [...]

BOOL, Boolean and Integer

People may think that BOOL and Boolean are the same types in Delphi since they can just contain true and false. Right? Yes and No. They seem to be the same, however there is a little difference how these types are handled in an assignment. To see the difference we have to open up the [...]

I just did some tests with the function CreateProcessWithTokenW new in Windows Vista (well, MSDN says that). However I could not make it work and always got an error 5 (Access denied). I simply tried to run the notepad application. Fortunately, I could remember a similar case that happened to a friend.

As the MSDN Article about GetEffectiveRightsFromAcl reads, you can determine which rights a user has on a given access control list (ACL). The function also includes the groups the user belongs to into its calculation. It is used in the Windows ACL Editor “Effective Permission” tab as you can see in the image: JWSCL implements [...]

Winlogon Notification Package

What is that? MSDN say’s: A Winlogon Notification Package is a DLL that exports functions that handle Winlogon events. For example, when a user logs onto the system, Winlogon calls each notification package’s logon event handler function to provide information about the event.

With Delphi “Tiburon” CodeGear wants to introduce Unicode-support for the Win32 personality. Unlike C++ Builder which has a preprocessor and thus can at least switch between ANSI and Unicode via a simple preprocessor define, Delphi didn’t have such a (globally available) mechanism in previous versions. And even in C++ Builder you wouldn’t get far with [...]

Did you know? #1

A call to CreateProcessAsUser will fail with ERROR_INVALID_PARAMETER if your new process belongs to another session and you allowed inheritance of handles. In this case you have to set parameter bInheritHandles to FALSE.

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