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Recently my Windows Vista partition ran out of disk space. Well, the partition has 30GiB but that is not enough even if you choose to install 3rd party software on a separate disk. The main reason why Windows Vista needs so much space is the WinSxS folder which contains a lot of DLL files and [...]

A couple of days ago I finished a first beta of my tool TSAdminEx. If you don’t know what TSAdminEx is let me briefly introduce it: TSAdminEx is a tool that combines functionality of several existing tools: it has the power of task manager combined with the details of Process Explorer and the Terminal Server [...]

Restrict access to process

The following code is really simple. It restricts access to the current process. In this way no other process can open the process handle and for example terminate this process. uses   JwaWindows,   JwsclSecureObjects,   JwsclDescriptor,   JwsclToken,   JwsclTypes,   JwsclAcl,   JwsclKnownSid; var   SD : TJwSecurityDescriptor;   hProcess : TJwProcessHandle; begin [...]

I just did some tests with the function CreateProcessWithTokenW new in Windows Vista (well, MSDN says that). However I could not make it work and always got an error 5 (Access denied). I simply tried to run the notepad application. Fortunately, I could remember a similar case that happened to a friend.

As the MSDN Article about GetEffectiveRightsFromAcl reads, you can determine which rights a user has on a given access control list (ACL). The function also includes the groups the user belongs to into its calculation. It is used in the Windows ACL Editor “Effective Permission” tab as you can see in the image: JWSCL implements [...]

Calculating Binary Hashes using TJwFileStreamEx Why should I use TJwFileStreamEx instead of any other common stream class from the VCL? Well this question is quite easily answered. The first thing is that TJwFileStreamEx is based on Memory Mapped Files (MMF). MMF might be the fastest way to access files on your hard disk. Another good [...]

JWSCL provides access to auto pointers or objects. It means that allocated space or objects are automtically destroyed/freed as soon as the auto object runs out of scope. What is a scope? A scope exists as long as the (I say) parent object exists. Parent objects can be: The process. The auto pointer and thus [...]

This simple example shows how you can change the target session of a new process.


The following topics you can choose to research. Each topic has several possible options you can work on. The options are Library: Creating Windows headers for JEDI Windows API or (wrapper) classes for JEDI Windows Security Blogpost: Writing a blog post about the topic. Example: Writing an example about the topic that demonstrates using the [...]

Dear Visitor/Delphi programmer, As the main developer of JWSCL and the author of the most blog posts here, I will retreat from the projects for the next months. At least I will try to fix bugs, write some articles and manage the whole project as a project manager. Don’t expect much from me the next [...]

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