Windows LNK Exploit

As you maybe have heard already. There is a shell exploit that is executed when Windows shows just the icon from a link file. MS works on it but currently you can only remove the icon handler key from the registry to be “safe”. See this link. It also tells us the impact of the [...]

Useful scripts for MSVC and C++ Builder users …

Assarbad wrote this script some time ago to compile and link C++ projects on the command line easier. I adapted the cmd script for VC++2010 and also for C++ Builder 2009/2010 and now I have been using it for quite some time. So I wanted to give it back to the community.

Setting Folder Security

This article describes some ways how to set the security on a folder using JWSCL. Usually, we want to add some rights for a particular user to a folder so she gets access. I can say that is a heck of work to do with WinAPI. But still with JWSCL we need to consider some [...]

New JEDI News Server

As you maybe already know, the old news server for JEDI related questions crashed some time ago. Unfortunately, the old host could not undo the crash and thus some JEDI members created a new server (Thanks you!). The new server location is:

Embarcadero Forum Access

If you are accessing the Embarcadero Forums and such through an Offline Reader like Mozilla Thunderbird, you probably have had a connection problem for some time now. I don’t know what the reason is. However, as a solution instead, use the address and don’t forget to activate SSL. I couldn’t make a connection without [...]

A long time ago I wrote an article about this strange WinAPI function called GetEffectiveRightsFromAcl. There was a problem that I showed how to solve (see my article and the comment in the MSDN doc). However, this function has never been a good way for retrieving the possible access mask. It seems that MS has [...]

Site Recommendation: History of Windows

If you are interested in the history of Windows, as I am, you should read the article The Secret Origin of Windows by Tandy Trower the product manager of Windows 1.0. This article gives a deep insight into the journey Tandy and his developers had to endure to bring a product on the market that [...]

This article is about how to retrieve the owner of a file. If you are experienced with some of the WinAPI security function this can be pretty easy. There are some problems that needs to be addressed though. The first one is the size of the security items like the SID name of the owner. [...]

Site Recommendation: Terminal Session and Desktops

Many Windows Programmers still have trouble when it comes to sessions, window stations and desktops. They frequently get mixed up and we can see a lot of question on the Internet about e.g. how to spawn processes in all logged-on user desktops (rather than sessions).  Hence, I have listed some articles that you can read [...]

JWSCL and FreeAndNil Second Attempt

In my last article “Jwscl and FreeAndNil” there were some great comments on the source design. Oliver told me to use a guarded memory page so the memory is always invalid. With his information I wrote a source code that creates a pointer which always triggers an access violation.

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