JWSCL and FreeAndNil

There is a lot of talking about the usage of FreeAndNil in destructors. I’ve never thought about it before so I used it quite often even in destructors. Although I don’t use it as a universal remedy function, it still seems to be a bad design: a thought shared by many leading Delphi experts.  Thus [...]

JWSCL Features Overview

I had some free time that I used to put together all the features JWSCL provides currently. There are some more features that are implemented by other tool classes or functions that I left out in favor of a good overview. A complete overview of all classes, methods and more gives you the documentation at [...]

Reminder to You

I had some trouble writing these lines because usually I do not want to publish criticism. But Oliver told me that it would be a good idea and I don’t want to disagree .


I had some trouble with this rather complicated COM structure called ACTRL_ACCESS. So I post a diagram to show its design. Otherwise it would be a pity to leave it on my private hard drive.

Programming Habits

I’m writing this article because I want to share programming habits with you. What habit did prove to be a good one for you? Share yours then, please.

I just commited (revision 843) a little bugfix that existed since revision 833. In TJwWTSSession.Create LocalFree was called (after StrConnect) without LocalAlloc. Since utildll.dll handles the memory allocation is it not needed at all. [Update] The fix is currently only available in the developer version repository (aka trunk) of Subversion.

I have just commited an updated version of my Terminal Server unit (revision 842) into SVN. I have done some tests on Windows 7 (a fix for Windows 7 was done in Jwa revision 830 btw) and all seems to work well. Internally the Connect method of TJwTerminalServer verifies the connection to Terminal Server by [...]

… to be called before CoRegisterClassObject, which can be called indirectly by Application.Initialize. You can see this comment at the beginning of a newly created service application. Unfortunately, today it is only half of the truth.

I have updated JWSCL Version 0.9.2a to support Windows 7. Version 0.9.3 supports Windows 7 from the beginning but since many people use 0.9.2a, I have decided to merge Windows 7 support.

If you look at the MSDN documentation of CreateProcess you might notice the following remark for the lpCommandLine parameter: The Unicode version of this function, CreateProcessW, can modify the contents of this string. Therefore, this parameter cannot be a pointer to read-only memory (such as a const variable or a literal string). If this parameter [...]

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