Is File In Use

In a thread on DelphiPraxis there was a question that comes up several times a year. However, this time I could remember that there is actually an COM API that can solve the problem. The question was about how to find out which process has a lock on a file. The main problem was, in [...]


I had some trouble with this rather complicated COM structure called ACTRL_ACCESS. So I post a diagram to show its design. Otherwise it would be a pity to leave it on my private hard drive.

COM Server tells you sth about opened client connections

If you create a COM Server to serve some clients with COM interfaces (or better their functionality), you maybe get sometimes a dialog box that tells you that there are client connections opened. This happens as soon as you try to close your app. If you want to close it though, you have to explicitly [...]

Using Windows Contacts

Since Windows Vista, a new API called Windows Contacts (WC) was born. It replaces the Windows Address BookAPI. You can get your personal properties by using the Windows Address Book Editor. It can be opened using “wab” in command line.

I found this question in the borland mailinglist: … I get my dialog and all runs well – *except* I’ve lost theming on this particular dialog. This means the application’s main windows shows up correctly themed, the progress dialog does not. I’ve already added the XP manifest to the progress dialog, too, but to no [...]

Today I want to introduce a really useful application from the examples in JEDI Windows Security Code Library. In Windows Vista there is no possible way to run a program elevated from the command line. But today there is a cure. I call it RunEl, which stands for Run Elevated. This simple program uses Delphi, [...]

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