Setting Folder Security

This article describes some ways how to set the security on a folder using JWSCL. Usually, we want to add some rights for a particular user to a folder so she gets access. I can say that is a heck of work to do with WinAPI. But still with JWSCL we need to consider some [...]

Restrict access to process

The following code is really simple. It restricts access to the current process. In this way no other process can open the process handle and for example terminate this process. uses   JwaWindows,   JwsclSecureObjects,   JwsclDescriptor,   JwsclToken,   JwsclTypes,   JwsclAcl,   JwsclKnownSid; var   SD : TJwSecurityDescriptor;   hProcess : TJwProcessHandle; begin [...]

Setting file security with JWSCL

Sometimes it is necessary to change the security settings of a file or folder for getting or denying write access. With JWSCL this task is made very easy. However there are some pitfalls to avoid. The following code will also be available in the example section of the source code. The application gets a file [...]

How to use a Security Attribute structure Part #2

This discussion continues How to use a SecurityAttribute structure. Last time we used the SecurityAttribute parameter in CreateFile to change the security descriptor of the newly created file. However this approach did not add inherited access control elements from the parent folder. We are about to change that. Filesystem and Registry-key inheritance is implemented since [...]

Vista: integrity label

I just found this complete example project. It shows how to get the integrity label of a file/folder in Windows Vista. Get Vista integrity label source.

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