How to Run the OnScreenKeyboard

There are lots of questions on the Internt how to run the OnScreen Keyboard on a Windows 64 System from a 32bit Process. Some time ago, I investigated it but due to a lack of time I didn’t finish it. Today, I want to you show the solution of this problem.

I’m burning baby!

You want to burn a CD out of your Delphi application easily? Read on!

With Delphi “Tiburon” CodeGear wants to introduce Unicode-support for the Win32 personality. Unlike C++ Builder which has a preprocessor and thus can at least switch between ANSI and Unicode via a simple preprocessor define, Delphi didn’t have such a (globally available) mechanism in previous versions. And even in C++ Builder you wouldn’t get far with [...]

This little article shows you how to elevate an application using JWSCL. There are two possible ways to elevate an application : Elevate the application from the beginning Elevate special parts of your application Both ways needs a manifest to be included into your application. 1. Elevate the application from the beginning The easiest way [...]

Dear visitor, This page is all about the Joint Endavour of Delphi Innovators – JEDI. So what we are talking about is all about Delphi and the Windows API. There are plenty articles about C, C++, C# and Visual Basic which describes WinAPI problems everywhere over the Internet. The JEDI API Library (JWA) contains many [...]

Some functions (like ExitWindowsEx) need a privilege (SE_SHUTDOWN_NAME) to be enabled to work properly. With the help of JWSCL this task is made very easy. JWSCL provides several ways to enable and disable privileges. Use the methods of TJwSecurityToken Use the function JWEnablePrivilege Use the interface IJwPrivilegeScope

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