I hope you enjoyed the first part of the introduction to BITS. In this second part, we want to improve our job list (a little bit) and start own dowloads. The first task is, to replace the old TListbox with a TListview. I switched the ViewStyle to vsReport and added 3 columns: Name, State, GUID. [...]

Download RunEl

RunEl download section Find a description here. Versions and Changelog RunEl 1.0 Application First release Please send bugs to mail@delphi-jedi.net , the mailinglist or the forum.

New and additional Header files from Rudy

Rudy Velthuis released a new version of his Windows header files converted from C to Delphi. The converted header files contain: Shell API shellapi.h, ulrmon.h, urlhist.h, shlwapi.h, shappmgr.h, shfolders.h and the shlobj range (i.e. shlobj.h, shlguid.h, shobjidl.h, isguid.h, exdisp.h and shtypes.h) WinCrypt ncrypt.h, bcrypt.h, ntstatus.h and wincrypt.h. We will integrate his excellent work into the [...]

JWSCL Release Revision 316

The JEDI Windows Security Code Library Release of Revision 316 is now available to download on Sourceforge. Direct link ~8.5 MiB Also read this and find out how to setup the library! The JWSCL Download also contains the JWAPI Revision 315. Changes: many bugfixes added AuthZ API added Terminal Service API added more examples added extended [...]

JEDI Windows API Release 315

The JEDI Windows API Download Revision 315 is now available on SourceForge. Direct link (4,5mb) Changes: + Many bugfixes + additional terminal service functions (jwaWinsta.pas) + added JwaWinInet.pas

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