“Have you ever seen the rain (on your background image through a Delphi window)?” Ok, sorry to all the Creedence Clearwater Revival fans out there . Today we wanna talk about how to achieve translucent Delphi windows with Windows Vista. I know this does not sound like a big deal for all the lucky owners [...]

Getting started with BITS

This article was written by Benjamin aka chaosben. He kindly agreed to publish it here. You can also publish articles here. Mail us @ mail(-at+)delphi-jedi.net Getting started with BITS BITS, the Background Intelligent Transfer Service, provides an easy way to download/upload files from/to the network/internet. You may have heard of this service in the context [...]

We are listed in ohloh

The JEDI API & Security Libraries are now listed in ohloh. Ohloh is a software directory that analyzes and monitors open source software development activity. Get to the JEDI project on ohloh directly. The following analyzed statements must be corrected: Short source control history The JEDI API is a very old lady. However, not a [...]

As you may know code is shared among JEDI projects and so is part of the code that I am going to describe in this post. A few years ago I got involved in the JCL project and contributed code that I had written quite a while before. One of the things I always found [...]

CreateProcess in full glory

CreateProcess is a little tricky to use. Thus I write the full example code here so you don’t have to worry. uses SysUtils, JwaWindows, JwsclStrings; procedure StartApp(const App, Parameters, CurDir : TJwString); var   StartupInfo: {$IFDEF UNICODE}TStartupInfoW{$ELSE}TStartupInfoA{$ENDIF};   ProcInfo : TProcessInformation;   pEnv : Pointer;   pCurDir,   pCmdLine : TJwPChar; begin   ZeroMemory(@StartupInfo, sizeof(StartupInfo)); [...]

This is the road map of JWA and JWSCL for the year 2008. Add and test Rudy Velthuis headers for Delphi to JWA (done but needs review) Implement COM interfaces and classes for JWSCL Implement new Winsta (Terminal Service) declarations for JWA and JWSCL Convert embedded source documentation to Doc-o-Matic (of course buy that nice [...]

Using Windows Contacts

Since Windows Vista, a new API called Windows Contacts (WC) was born. It replaces the Windows Address BookAPI. You can get your personal properties by using the Windows Address Book Editor. It can be opened using “wab” in command line.

Unfortunately Borland didn’t implement a public register and start function into the class TServiceApplication. So we have to do it ourselves. First we publish the protected RegisterServices function to allow (un-)install our service(s) programmatically.

Do you need help? We can support you creating application using JWA and/or JWSCL. Visit the Get Service site on SourceForge for more information like pricing.

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The BlockInput function blocks the user’s input. However this worked in Windows XP and older but not more in Windows Vista. Now the process must run with Administrator privileges or be in the SYSTEM account. Additionally JwaWinAble.pas reports about this function: This returns FALSE if the caller doesn’t have permissions to do this esp. if [...]

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