Restrict access to process

The following code is really simple. It restricts access to the current process. In this way no other process can open the process handle and for example terminate this process. uses   JwaWindows,   JwsclSecureObjects,   JwsclDescriptor,   JwsclToken,   JwsclTypes,   JwsclAcl,   JwsclKnownSid; var   SD : TJwSecurityDescriptor;   hProcess : TJwProcessHandle; begin [...]

CreateProcess in full glory

CreateProcess is a little tricky to use. Thus I write the full example code here so you don’t have to worry. uses SysUtils, JwaWindows, JwsclStrings; procedure StartApp(const App, Parameters, CurDir : TJwString); var   StartupInfo: {$IFDEF UNICODE}TStartupInfoW{$ELSE}TStartupInfoA{$ENDIF};   ProcInfo : TProcessInformation;   pEnv : Pointer;   pCurDir,   pCmdLine : TJwPChar; begin   ZeroMemory(@StartupInfo, sizeof(StartupInfo)); [...]

How to get the threads of a process?

Yesterday, I described how to get the process of a window. Today I show you how to obtain the threads of a process. There are two ways to retrieve all the threads of a foreign process. Use the Tool Help Library. There is also a sample about enumerating threads. So I am not going to [...]

It is impossible to use SetThreadDesktop and the VCL at the same time because a thread can only show windows on one desktop at a time. However VCL is not written for the use with multiple threads, so there is no way to show Delphi forms of same process on two different desktops. SetThreadDesktop describes [...]

How to get the process of a window?

This answer is very easy – just use GetWindowThreadProcessId JWA declares it as followed: function GetWindowThreadProcessId(hWnd: HWND; lpdwProcessId: LPDWORD): DWORD; stdcall; The function returns an identifier (not a handle) and also may set lpdwProcessId to the identifier (again not a handle!) if it is not nil. Be aware that identifiers aren’t handles, so you must [...]

The people from Microsoft decided that the user has to be in full control over the computer. So there is no assured way to make a program user resistant. She can always use TerminateProcess to forcibly kill the process.

The case of the unexplained…

As you maybe already have noted, I use the ProcessExplorer of Mark Russinovich a lot. It is a very powerful tool, that can help you finding out what’s going on in your Windows system… Processes Threads Properties Handles Kernel Bluescreens (WinDbg) and many more If you are interested in getting an introduction into the great [...]

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