Windows 7 gave us some nice and useful little eye-catchers in the taskbar. Those are available using the Windows shell interfaces ITaskbarList3 and ITaskbarList4. But alas, how can a Delphi developer incorporate these in his applications?

TRegistry.DeleteKey and 64bit

I got a bug from someone who told me that he had problems with the TRegistry method DeleteKey on his 64bit Windows. It just didn’t delete a 64bit key* from the registry although he used the KEY_WOW64_64KEY flag in desired access parameter of  TRegistry.Create.

Site Recommendation: History of Windows

If you are interested in the history of Windows, as I am, you should read the article The Secret Origin of Windows by Tandy Trower the product manager of Windows 1.0. This article gives a deep insight into the journey Tandy and his developers had to endure to bring a product on the market that [...]

This article is about how to retrieve the owner of a file. If you are experienced with some of the WinAPI security function this can be pretty easy. There are some problems that needs to be addressed though. The first one is the size of the security items like the SID name of the owner. [...]


I had some trouble with this rather complicated COM structure called ACTRL_ACCESS. So I post a diagram to show its design. Otherwise it would be a pity to leave it on my private hard drive.

There is an interesting article about checking the version of the operating system. If you are too lazy to read it then just remember this: Do not check it at all! Well, I changed my mind. You should read it! So go to Yochay Kiriaty’s Article, read it and then get back her for the [...]

Using Windows Contacts

Since Windows Vista, a new API called Windows Contacts (WC) was born. It replaces the Windows Address BookAPI. You can get your personal properties by using the Windows Address Book Editor. It can be opened using “wab” in command line.

The people from Microsoft decided that the user has to be in full control over the computer. So there is no assured way to make a program user resistant. She can always use TerminateProcess to forcibly kill the process.

Article about WinAPI programming

I found this very old but still good article about how to use the Windows API. These are the subjects: Part I: The Primer Windows API calls are just calls to dynamic link libraries Loading a dynamic link library Dynamic loading at runtime Resource only dynamic link libraries Stack usage and dynamic link libraries Callback [...]

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